Product Information

Engineered Stiles


True square edge design offers an attractive wood door appearance and permits easy field trimming. The engineered stiles shown below run the entire height of the door on both hinge and lock side. This provides superior rigidity and high resistance to thermal bow.


Door Build Details

Mastergrain Fiberglass

MasterGrain Products are a premium line of fiberglass door system components featuring the most authentic wood grain replication in the door industry. This is achieved by using our patented process based on nickel vapor deposition technology (NVD). The method uses handcrafted wood grain doors and components to accurately capture the natural grain characteristics found in a real wood door system. Combine the beauty and our high-quality construction to any fiberglass doors and you will see “The Difference is in the Details.”

NVD Technology

NVD Technology is a patented process that authentically replicates any natural surface. The door process begins by hand selecting the most desirable wood pieces to build a real wood door. A silicone casting accurately picks up the finest details of the wood grain and is transferred into a door mold using our Nickel Vapor Deposition Technology. The mold produces fiberglass skins used on MasterGrain doors with random grain depths and all the natural characteristics of real wood making our doors virtually indistinguishable to real wood doors.

firFir Grain

cherryCherry Grain

alder-grainKnotty Alder Grain

mahoganyMahogany Grain

oakOak Grain

Novatech steel doors

Steel specifications

Skin thickness: 24G-meets the CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88

Steel finish: prefinished white polytechnic 141 (polyester) 

Hot dipped galvanized: G-40 for increased rust resistance

Wood construction

Stile thickness: 1 3/16″

Stiles and rails: pre-painted, knot-free, finger-jointed pine


Urethane: HCFX free for ozone layer protection

U-value: 0.076

R-value: 13.1

Environmentally friendly